Education resources

Biosecurity is an important aspect of life in Australia. It helps protect our environment, economy and way of life. Good biosecurity is about awareness and action.

Learning about biosecurity will help protect Australia from the spread of pests, diseases and weeds.

Access a range of education resources to learn more about the importance of biosecurity.

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Mission Biosecurity

Discover what biosecurity is and how it can impact our way of life. See how we can all help protect our environment, community and economy from biosecurity baddies.

Access interactive and digital resources which showcase the importance of biosecurity across Australia.

General resources

Biosecurity detector dogs

Find out more about Australia's biosecurity detector dogs.

Biosecurity Bite

Watch these videos to go behind the scenes of Australia’s biosecurity system.

Don’t plant it

Find out why you should not plant food products meant for eating. For example, fruit and vegetables.

Biosecurity education resources

Find a range of education resources related to biosecurity.

Become a biosecurity warrior

Find out how to identify biosecurity risks and take action to eliminate them.

Biosecurity in the citrus and grains industries

Undertake an insect surveillance exercise and learn how to identify the insects you collect.

Biosecurity planning for schools

Understand biosecurity in NSW by developing a school farm biosecurity plan.

Don't be a Jeff

Watch videos to understand why biosecurity matters. Find out ways you can help prevent unwanted pests and diseases from establishing and spreading.

Rabies Awareness - Keep a Top Watch!

What to look out for. Find out how to keep Australia rabies free.

You can be a Biosecurity Champion too!

See how to help manage biosecurity threats.

Australia's National Priority Plant Pests playing cards

Download a fun, printable card game to help you learn about Australia's National Priority Plant Pests.

Primary school resources

Protecting Australian food production systems

Find out why biosecurity is important to everyone and what to do every day to help protect our food and environment from harmful pests.

Agricultural Loop Card

Download a fun game to help you learn the vocabulary of agriculture.

Biosecurity surveillance

Learn about some of New South Wales' invasive pests to make sure they are not present in your school or backyard.

Investigate: fire ants, aphids and cane toads

Understand the role science plays in your everyday life. Complete activities to learn more about these pests.

Biosecurity in Our Backyard - Hosted by Costa

Watch a video about plants, animals and biosecurity pests in your own backyard.

Country handle with care - Costa and Dirtgirl tackle biosecurity

Watch videos about how activities in northern Australia are protecting Australia from threats of exotic pests, diseases and weeds.

Secondary school resources

Biosecurity - Protecting our plants and animals

See how introduced species can affect populations and how scientists are protecting Australia’s unique plants and animals.

African swine fever

African swine fever is a devastating disease that affects pigs around the world. Find resources to help you understand this disease and how to reduce its impact.

Growing exotic fruit: a niche market enterprise

Watch this video about an exotic fruit orchard in New South Wales and their use of a fruit fly exclusion netted enclosure.

Hendra virus

Watch a segment from ABC's Catalyst describing research into the Hendra virus, with its high mortality rate and animal vectors.

Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness

See what it is like to work in a highly secure facility like the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness.