Pests, diseases and weeds

Biosecurity measures don’t just protect our agricultural industries.

Diseases like Xylella and rabies, and pests like the Brown marmorated stink bug or khapra beetle, can threaten our way of life and our health.

Simple biosecurity measures can protect your home garden, your pet and your family from pests and disease.

Learn how to identify, contain and report pests and diseases.

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Atlas of living Australia

Search for data and sightings of a specific pest or weed.

Travelling around Australia

We don’t want pests, diseases and weeds to travel around Australia. See the priority list and what you must do when you travel over state borders.

What to look for

See how to prevent and prepare for an outbreak. Looks for these common signs.

General surveillance programs

Find considerations for running a successful general surveillance program. Information for general surveillance program managers, staff, and sponsors.

Human health

Find out the requirements that apply to address human health risks posed by international travellers arriving in Australia.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Find the current advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and steps you must take.

Plant pests and diseases

Australia’s priority plant pests and diseases

See the list of the top priority pests and diseases affecting plants. Find out how to contain and report them.

Plant Health Australia

Find crop-specific pest and disease information and the strategies being used to manage them.

Plant and disease image library

Find detailed information about plant pests and diseases.

National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network

Find diagnostic protocols to use when there is an incursion. Get support or find out about how you can develop your own skills and knowledge.

Animal pests

Priority animal pests and diseases

See the list of the top priority pests and diseases affecting animals. Find out how to contain and report them.

Animal Health Australia

Find animal-specific pest and disease information. Attend training about and read the strategies being used to manage them.

Bee pests

Look out for established and exotic pests that can affect honeybee colonies.

Notifiable diseases

See what animal and bee diseases you must report. Call the hotline to report.

African swine fever

This disease kills about 80 per cent of the pigs it infects. See what you can do to stop it coming into Australia.


Weeds Australia

Find out how to identify, monitor and report weeds of national significance to Australia.

Weeds and gardening

Find advice for gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts. See how you can prevent the spread of weed species in the environment.

Keep updated


See current responses to outbreaks of pests, diseases and weeds. Find out how to prevent and prepare.